These are the best and worst energy suppliers for customer service ranked

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 1:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 2:15 pm
The UK has a multitude of energy suppliers to choose from, allowing customers to pick the deal that suits them best (Photo: Shutterstock)

The UK has a multitude of energy suppliers to choose from, allowing customers to pick the deal that suits them best.

But some have been voted better than others when it comes down to customer service, according to this year’s Citizens Advice Star Rating report.

Billing errors, complaints handling and waiting times

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Billing errors and inaccuracies remain among the top grievances for customers, alongside phone waiting times and the way in which complaints are handled.

Citizens Advice also found that more customers wanted to be able to contact their energy supplier by telephone over any other method, with their calls preferably being answered within five minutes.

Breeze energy takes the top spot

Breeze Energy came out on top, with So Energy taking the second spot and popular firm EDF claiming third place.

However, Nabuh Energy came at the very bottom of the 41 suppliers ranked for customer service, with Utilia and Green Star Energy also ranking towards the bottom of the list.

Top 5 energy suppliers

Breeze EnergySo EnergyEDFOctopus EnergySSE

Worst 5 energy suppliers

Nabuh EnergyUtilitaGreen Star EnergyOutfox the MarketEcotricity

Gillian Guy at Citizens Advice, said, "Every energy supply company should be able to provide its customers with an accurate bill. It’s the very least people should expect.

"The inability of some suppliers to get this right causes a great deal of unnecessary stress for customers.

"Some of the difficulties experienced by people who come to us for help are a legacy of an under-regulated market. Too many under-prepared companies were allowed to set up as energy suppliers.

"Ofgem has recently proposed new regulations for new and existing suppliers. These should be put into effect as soon as possible.

"We’d like to see Ofgem making basic customer service such as accurate billing a top priority, and step in sooner when energy companies don’t meet decent standards of customer service."

This article was originally published on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.