This Twitter trend says the number 1 song on your 7th birthday 'defines' your 2021 - here's how to find yours

There have been plenty of weird and wonderful social media trends lately as people try to amuse themselves during lockdown.

From cooking challenges and life hacks to dance routines and even sea shanties, 2021 has already brought us some bizarre viral movements.

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The latest trend to catch on is musical - specifically, finding out which song was at number one in the charts on your seventh birthday.

The track supposedly “defines 2021” for you, and Twitter users have been going mad for some of the results.

Here’s everything you need to know about the trend, including how you can find out what your own seventh birthday number one was.

What is the new trend?

The “what was number 1 on my 7th birthday” trend is actually not an original one.

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There have been other viral hashtags on the subject for other birthdays. Not too long ago, “what was number 1 on my 12th birthday” was trending, with the result seemingly representing your “quarantine anthem”.

Similarly, there was the same question for 14th birthdays, with the song supposed to “define your life”.

The latest trend focusing on seventh birthdays and defining the year was started by Twitter user Rob Houchen, who posted a graphic with the statement: “The song that was number one on your 7th birthday defines 2021 for you.”

His post has since racked up thousands of retweets, with hundreds of users detailing their unique results to either confusion, sadness or optimism.

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Houchen’s own result - Nice & Slow by Usher - proved particularly accurate considering the country is still placed under tight lockdown restrictions.

How have people reacted?

Many of the number one songs were very fitting for pandemic times, including Bob The Builder's Can We Fix It? and What Took You So Long? by Emma Bunton.

Steps singer Faye Tozer replied to the Tweet: "Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes. A good omen for the end of the year???"

Other users weren’t as lucky with their results, with one getting Low by Flo Rida, while someone else was upset to find out their result was Grenade by Bruno Mars.

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Some people just couldn’t decipher the significance of their song, with one user getting Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas, and someone else expressing their confusion that theirs was Is This The Way To Amarillo by Tony Christie.

Perhaps one of the most apt results was Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi.

Another user tweeted: “Another Brick In The Wall… doesn’t sound too optimistic for my year ahead that...”

How can I find my song?

Hop on the social media bandwagon by taking part in the trend yourself.

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To save users Googling the song that was number one on their seventh birthday, the Official UK Chart made a clever tool for you to easily work it out.

Simply enter your date of birth in the website’s Official Chart archive, and your number one for that date will appear.

What’s more is the tool shows you the UK’s top 100 songs from that very day if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic.

You’re also able to search other days to determine which song you might have had if you were born a few days earlier or later.

And this Official UK Chart page lists every official number one song ever, going all the way back to 1952.

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