Aldi’s popular hanging egg chair is back in stock - here’s how to buy online, and how much it costs

Gardenline Hanging Egg ChairGardenline Hanging Egg Chair
Gardenline Hanging Egg Chair | Aldi

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Their cult product for three years running - the Aldi swinging, hanging egg chair is available to buy again online - here’s how to nab one while stocks last

The milder weather we’ve been experiencing recently has had us all thinking ahead to the spring/summer and the warmer weather that’s coming.

When the sun does come out there’s nothing us Brits love more than basking in it - and the best way to do that is to invest in some lovely garden furniture.

One of the most popular garden furniture items available is the super stylish Gardenline Hanging Egg Chair from Aldi.

The chair can be used indoors or outdoors and has a weather resistant powder-coated frame, as well as included cushions for supreme comfort.

The good news is that it is on again now.

You’ll have to be quick if you want one though, as the last time the hanging egg chair was available to buy in 2021 it sold out extremely quickly and lots of shoppers struggled to get their hands on it.

When will the chair be available to buy?

Sales of the hanging egg chair commenced on 8am on Sunday 13 February, on the Aldi website only.

It’s currently still in stock.

The chair was released as part of the Aldi weekly special buys, which happen each week and offer people a chance to get some fantastic goods, including everything from kitchen gadgets to and clothing, at an even better price from the discount supermarket.

All special buys are available in limited numbers, and the hanging egg chair will be no exception, so you’ll have to act fast if you want one.

How much does the chair cost?

The hanging egg chair costs £189.99. Eagle-eyed shoppers will notice that this is a £40 increase at the price the chair was sold for last year, however given the rise of the cost of living it’s not surprising to see the price hike.

Given how popular the chair was last year, we don’t anticipate that the new higher price will impact sales, and the price is actually still very reasonable when compared to other garden furniture pieces.

In fact, due it’s popularity the chair was limited to one per customer the last time it was for sale, and we are expecting this to be the case again.

This year, shoppers are also being given the option to buy the chair with a cover, which will protect it from any sudden downpours, for an extra £10.

Why is the hanging egg chair so popular?

A variation of the Gardenline Hanging Egg Chair first appeared on the Aldi website in 2020, and it has been growing in popularity every since then.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all invested more in our homes as we spent so much more time there, and the joy we take in our homes has continued even since restrictions were lifted.

The chair has also been endorsed by celebrities such as Stacey Soloman which have made them even more sought after.

Aldi describes the chair as ‘the ideal way to relax in stylish comfort’ and customers have raved about it, saying that they can happily swing away in it all day.

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Perfect for the patio, conservatory or outdoor space, this comfortable rattan effect hanging chair will quickly become the best seat in your house . . . or garden.

Simply swing up your legs, then grab your favourite drink or a good book, and relax.

The chair will also swing gently for extra relaxation.

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