LIVE BLOG: FC Halifax Town Q&A with David Bosomworth, Chris Millington and Andy Cooper

Welcome to the Halifax Courier’s live coverage of the FC Halifax Town supporters club’s Q&A with David Bosomworth, Chris Millington and Andy Cooper at The Shay.

By Tom Scargill
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 6:50 pm
FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Stay tuned for all the updates throughout the evening from the event.

FC Halifax Town Q&A LIVE

Last updated: Thursday, 04 August, 2022, 21:46

That brings the event to a close. Thanks for your company on the live blog. See you at Barnet on Saturday.

Countering Barnet

CM: “Theyll be very similar to a traditional Barnet team, direct in the sense that when they have the ball they’ll want to move forward quickly, good on the counter attack, but there are areas where we can hurt them. They’ll defend their box quite well but our strength is the pace and creativity we have in wide areas and we have a physical presence in the middle so we don’t have to be quite so intricate all the time.”

Prog notes before play off game

DB: “It’s a long season and when the games come thick and fast, I perhaps should have done another sentence saying ‘but I hope we’re not meeting them next season’ but I didn’t want to be a jonah. Could have perhaps worded it slightly better.”

Media team

DB: “They do a tremendous job. They go out to build relationships for students to do the media, and it’s a great opportunity to do a wide range of tasks. There’s a change from year to year but there has been progression for those students as well. They do a very, very good job. When you look athe amount of activity on our site it’s very good. People feel we don’t communicate but there’s a tremendous number of articles that we get through.”


CM: “We want to reflect and feed the passion you show. The pre match huddle I’m putting on the players and allow them to drive whether they think that’s beneficial. Last season some of the players liked it and some didn’t want to be part of it, they wanted to do their preparation on their own. We’ve got a group of senior players more than capable of saying the right things, driving the standards. Whether they do that on the grass or in the changing room I’m flexible with as long as it gets done.”

Playing budget

DB: “I can’t give you a percentage, all I can tell you it’s increased. Costs of players are going up, generated by the clubs at the top of the league, it does filter down. One team at the beginning of last season had 3 players we’d had discussions with. This time we’ve lost 2 strikers - one to the FL and one to a team inthis division, ultimately geographical reasons. A lot of work went into trying to tempt those players to join us.”


DB: “We went down a different route from an identity point of view. It was branding for us and that was the route we chose. We did something that was different for FCHT rather than HTAFC. Who’s to say one’s better than the other?”

Town memorabilia at The Shay

DB: “I think if we can introduce some photography and stuff into the bar downstairs. We have some pictures to sing about fos sure. We need to know that we do exist.”

Open day/events

DB: “I’m sure we can arrange an open day at some point.”

CM: “One of the strengths of Pete was his willingness to listen and take on the opinions of those around, and that’s what I want to bring into the way I work. We’ve got that with the coach, GK coach, the kit man, within that there’s a lot of experience and things that can make a little difference.”

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