Niall Maher's captain's column: "The lads have dug deep and got back to the way we play"

It was a fair result overall on Tuesday night, I think it was an 18-yard box to 18-yard box game.

By Tom Scargill
Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 3:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 3:26 pm
Niall Maher. Photo: Marcus Branston
Niall Maher. Photo: Marcus Branston

I don't think either team quite had the quality in the final third to pull off a goal, and that's disappointing on our behalf.

But it was one of those games where the teams cancel each other out and I think both defences stood up and were counted in the end.

I think that's 19 or 20 clean sheets now, which is fantastic.

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As a team, they're the things you thrive on, especially as a goalkeeper, defender or midfielder.

We work hard for each other on the pitch so to get those results on a matchday is fantastic.

Clean sheets are vital, if you keep the opposition out then you only need that one chance down at the other end and nine times out of ten this season we've taken that opportunity.

It's a collective, team performance and we all dig in for one another. But that could be a big reason why we are where we are.

The more we do that the more chance we have of finishing where we want to be.

I feel the last two games have got us back on track. Throughout a season you're going to have little dips, and we've had that.

We probably came off the gas a little bit for where we want to be, for whatever reason, only we know that.

But the lads have dug deep and we've got back to the way we play and our work ethic in the last two games, and that's shown with the positive results.

It should be a completely different game on Saturday against Woking - a lot of direct play, physicality.

I think in the game down there they bombarded the box so many times, they tried getting the ball in from different areas but we stood up to be counted and got the three points.

We expect more of that, obviously the new manager might have his own little tweaks to the team and how he wants to play, but we'll expect a physical contest and we'll look to get the right outcome on Saturday.