Victoria Theatre announces new programme for artistes and work that see things from a (slightly) different point of view

Antidote - The Victoria Theatre Halifax’s new live music programme kicks off on Sunday 31 July with an intimate evening of music that celebrates the natural world; with folk musician Jo Burke and James Mainwaring’s Mycorrhiza.

By Abigail Kellett
Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 6:00 pm

Antidote welcomes performers, musicians, poets, actors, dancers, writers and digital creatives who explore, challenge and expand our relationship with ourselves, the everyday and their own art forms.

The aim of the Antidote series is to provide audiences with unique musical experiences that they wouldn’t usually find in Halifax, as well as showcasing some of the UK’s most talented but potentially lesser-known musicians.

Each of the events in the Antidote series are curated by internationally recognised composer, musician and songwriter Aby Vulliamy, and include a section of musical collaboration between the two acts (who have not worked together before); spontaneous or pre-prepared, but ultimately, something totally unique and event-specific emerges each time.

Antidote - The Victoria Theatre’s new programme for artistes and work that see things from a (slightly) different point of view

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Aby Vulliamy is a Music Therapist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who has recorded and toured the UK, EU and US with a brilliant array of musicians from all genres of music. Aby features on over 40 albums recorded over the last 16 years and began promoting music events as a way of providing gigs for her musician friends on their travels. Having lived in London, New York, Bilbao and Glasgow, Aby has now settled in Yorkshire, with musical contacts from around the world, some of whom will feature in her programming for the Antidote series.

Speaking about the programme Aby Vulliamy said; “I’ve chosen two unique and highly skilled acts for each event; their music will provoke, question and surprise. I believe we can work towards all kinds of 'antidotes' through collaboration, innovation, co-creation, participation and integration, and I'm confident this diverse range of open-minded artists will create moving and memorable moments to inspire and console. I’m hugely excited to be giving a platform to some of the musicians I most admire; particularly those who are exploring brave and challenging ideas in their work, and particularly those who are under-represented in the music world.”

Further events in the Antidote series include MiMye and Emily Levy/Matthew Bourne: Stories in Song on Sunday 28 August, Dot Dot Dot, Sounds of Yell & Andrew Abbott: Trust and Authenticity: Journeys in Sound on Sunday 2 October, and Sharron Kraus & The Yorkshire Trombone Quartet: Grief, Loss and Renewal on Thursday 24 November.