Here is what to expect from the next episode of Channel 4's Ackley Bridge

Picture: Matt Squire/Channel 4
Picture: Matt Squire/Channel 4

After last week's visit to the fictional Yorkshire mill town, what can we expect from episode six of Ackley Bridge?

Missy (Poppy Lee Friar) has never had a real relationship so when Aaron (Adam Fielding) tells her he loves her, she freaks out.

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Her worst views of men are confirmed when a message stream circulates around school revealing Riz (Nohail Mohammed) and Hayley's (Cody Ryan) sexual relationship.

Mandy (Jo Joyner) is embarrassed by having to call Sadiq (Adil Ray) and his wife in to discuss Riz's behaviour.

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And Emma (Liz White), still reeling from Sami's death, leaves the school production in crisis to look for answers.

Ackley Bridge will hit our screens tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm