Wicked woman who “groomed” vulnerable pensioner before robbing him is jailed

Isere Forrest has been jailed
Isere Forrest has been jailed

A  woman described as wicked by a judge and had previous convictions for targeting the vulnerable and elderly has been jailed for robbing a 79-year-old man at a block of flats.

During today’s hearing at Bradford Crown Court a judge highlighted the fact that on two previous occasions Isere Forrest had been “the beneficiary” of the prosecution accepting her pleas to alternative charges of theft from the person in respect of two incidents which could have been described as robberies.

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Judge Jonathan Rose told drug addict Forrest that he found it impossible to describe her without using the word wicked.

The judge said her befriending of her latest victim amounted to “grooming” and setting him up so that he would trust her and allow her to be in his home.

In October last year 49-year-old Forrest, of Rawson Street, Wyke, was seen by another resident at the flats pushing her victim into the corner of a communal area and trying to grab his wallet from him.

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Prosecutor Philip Standfast said during the early morning incident the witness could hear the complainant shouting:”Stop. Leave me alone. No, stop.”

“He was trying to wrestle the wallet back, but he was unable to do so,” said Mr Standfast.

Another resident went after Forrest and confronted her as she came out of Sticker Lane post office.

When she dropped the complainant’s bank card on the ground the man was able to grab it and return it to her victim.

Forrest, who had 37 previous convictions for nearly 90 offences in her criminal record, pleaded guilty to the robbery charge on the day of her trial earlier this month and today Judge Jonathan Rose jailed her for three years.

Judge Rose said Forrest had been drinking alcohol on the morning of the robbery and he had no doubt that the complainant was intimidated and frightened by her.

“You describe yourself and your actions on that date by saying it’s not me,” the judge told Forrest.

“It is you. That’s what you have become. With nearly half a century of life behind you you have become the woman that robs elderly people.”

The judge also made an indefinite restraining order which bans Forrest from contacting her victim in the future or going within 400 metres of his home.

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