Ravenscliffe's Sixth Form dream has become a reality

The new school building at Spring Hall from Trooper Lane
The new school building at Spring Hall from Trooper Lane

After years of planning, fundraising and lots of hard work the new site for Ravenscliffe Sixth Form is now open.

The specialist site at Spring Hall in Halifax welcomed 57 pupils through its doors when the new school year began last week.

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Head teacher Martin Moorman said: “We’re in!

“We are doing ok so far.

“I think we always knew it would be a challenge when you’re dealing with disabled students as well as having a building with community access.

“But we have been getting through with the Ravenscliffe spirit of pulling together.

“The sixth form students seem very pleased and like the quality environment.”

Ravenscliffe High School is Calderdale’s only secondary special needs school. The new sixth form campus will help boost students’ education, workplace activities and allow students to be independent.

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The purpose built centre is a special school sixth form for students aged 16-19 at Ravenscliffe during the day, and an out of hours community centre and resource every day after school.

The centre has been nearly a decade in the planning.

The ball got rolling back in 2011 when Calderdale Council approved £1.5 million funding for the project and since then the school has raised £1.8 million to make the dream a reality.

Although it is good to finally be in the centre, Martin says it will take time to get fully settled into the site and see if it has been a success.

“We need to be realistic.

“I’ve told everyone it’s going to take a year at least to see if it has been a success. and there’s going to be lots of hurdles.

“We are doing the best we can and we have provided something that the disabled community and the able bodied community can enjoy.”

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