Here's how people reacted to the cancelled penguin event in Halifax

An event for people to meet penguins in Halifax has caused a stir and prompted a major reaction on social media.

Friday, 21st December 2018, 7:52 am
Updated Friday, 21st December 2018, 8:58 am
The event to meet the penguins was going to take place tomorrow
The event to meet the penguins was going to take place tomorrow

The event, organised by Halifax BID, was going to take place tomorrow (Saturday) at the Old Arcade Shopping Centre but the decision was taken to cancel the event.

The cancellation came after the news that supporters of the Freedom for Animals were set to stage a protest over the event.

Read: Organisers of penguins visit to Halifax cancel eventAnnouncing the decision on Twitter the team said: "Halifax BID has decided to cancel ‘Penguins at the Old Arcade’ event hosted by Amazing Animals, due to take place on 22 Dec.

"This decision has been taken in the best interest of public safety due to potential animal welfare concerns being raised at this event."

Here's what people have been saying in reaction to the news:

Marcine Hammond: "Although I would have liked to see them, I have read some arguments against the display and I have to say I agree it shouldn't take place. Nowhere is better than an animals own environment...and a shopping centre isn't even trying to mimic their own environment. It is going to have sounds, smells and visuals that are alien to them. I've always liked penguins but I don't want me or my kids to see them at any cost."

Ian Mac: "Rightly so. No animals should be used for entertainment."

Paul Gareth Moore: "So the left wing snowflakes win again. What has the UK come too."

Christine Kennedy: "There are going to be a lot of children who aren't in a position to visit a zoo very upset."

Antony Hollingsworth: "Sad that it's cancelled crazy people win again children loose out hope they're happy for forcing the event to be stopped. Get a grip Halifax bid grow a pair and sort it asap don't get bullied. In the meantime I've a black and white cat for hire."

Mary Bunting: "Halifax Bid ...think you need to get to costume hire shop and get some Penguin costumes lots of families going to be sad ......or will the snowflakes protest about fancy dress costume penguins too."

Mandy Clarke: "Such a shame to see this popular even cancelled, I presume protestors would have made it a hostile environment and not very penguin or child friendly. A great shame."

Arron Hollins: "Animals aren't here for your entertainment! This isn't about people being 'snowflakes' this is about people rightfully highlighting potentially abusive situations."