Bailiff Bridge designer reaches final of BBC Three fashion show 'The Drop'

A fashion designer from Bailiff Bridge has reached the final of BBC Three show “The Drop”.

By Jessica Barton
Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 11:10 am

Twenty-eight year old Sophie Guy has made it to the final three in the TV series with her streetwear clothing company, Go Guy, which is based in Batley.

Sophie founded the business in 2016 while she was in her final year at Leeds Beckett University, studying events management.

The idea for the clothing company was born after realising that she could never find anything to wear that was different and unique from everyone else.

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Sophie Guy at GoGuy Clothing

On Monday night (April 25), viewers saw Sophie and two other clothing businesses - Grabebo and Misemi - go head to head during the semi-final challenge of The Drop, which involved the contestants negotiating, advertising and selling their garments.

The decision of who to eliminate from the competition was so tough that Grammy-winning artist Miguel decided to let all three contestants through to the final.

Sophie said: “We got the call about the show last year and if I am honest I thought it was a prank call.

“It all happened very fast and I only found out I was going on ‘The Drop’ around a week before we started filming.

Sophie Guy, Cathryn Swanborough, Danielle Pinder and Molly Shepherd.

“I went through a bit of a battle because I was unsure whether I wanted to do it because I am quite a shy person - it was quite a big thing for me.

“ I really had to push myself to do it but I am really happy that I have.

“With the challenges, each week was different.

“It was really challenging for me because we are under so much pressure so I had to really push myself to get through each week.

“But I got to figure out what I wanted to change within the business and what I want to do going into the future.

“It was also challenging because it was also my first time meeting other creatives.

“Every creative person has a different skill set and it is hard when you put everyone together because some people excel in some areas and some people don’t.

“Combining all that together was really difficult.

“Everyone was so lovely though and we have kept in contact with a lot of people.

“Clara has kept in contact and she is absolutely insane.

“She is such a business woman and she wants to help everyone.

“She will go out of her way to help you.

“We have gained lots of contacts and everyone from the show has been so supportive.

“If I win it would be absolutely amazing and for me personally, to do a collection with Flannels would be insane.

“Go Guy is already stocked in 11 places already, but we have never been stocked anywhere that is high end fashion.

“It would open us up to a new platform and customer base.

“I am just so grateful to the BBC for considering me to be on the show and for picking me as one of the top nine creatives in the UK.

“It has opened so many doors for us and I feel like the business is improving so much.

“I have also improved as a business woman.

“My advice for other creatives is that hard work really pays off.

“Times get hard but you have to keep going.

“Don’t give up.

“If anyone wants to reach out for advice, I am always happy to help people.”

The business is based in Batley, and the premises are open to the public to try on the garments.

However, the business sells its clothing predominantly online at

The final of “The Drop” will be aired on Monday, May 2, at 9pm on BBC Three.

All episodes in the series of “The Drop” so far are also available on iPlayer at