Stunning costumes, brilliant lightening and good scenery

Sister Act

Dewsbury Dewsbury Town Hall

This extremely funny musical opened on Broadway in April 2011, based on an adaptation of the 1992 smash hit movie starring Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith.

It is the story of a Cabaret singer Delores Van Cartier, who after witnessing her gangster boyfriend murder an employee, she is placed in protective custody in a convent disguised as a Nun.

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After finding herself in this new situation she gets involved with convent choir and turns it from a debacle into a fabulous choir that eventually performs a concert before the Pope.

Delores makes many friendships along the way, something never known to her before.

An air of confidence shone over this production with Delores Van Cartier, the diva, (Jennifer Riordan) giving a first class performance and coped beautifully with the complexities of her character.

The interpretation of the Mother Superior, (Claire Addams) gave an excellent portrayal of her character, her solo “I Haven’t got a Prayer” was sung delightfully.

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Excellent interpretations from Sister Mary Lazarus, (Jane Ellaway) and Sister Mary Robert the Postulant (Becky Lenk).

Eddie the unassuming Police Officer and Delores love interest, (Paul Metcalfe) delivered a believable character and had the voice to do his songs justice.

Monsignor O’ Hara, (Jeremy Handley) made the part his own with warmth and compassion. The “Baddies” oozed comedy especially in their song and dance routine.

Stunning costumes, brilliant lighting and good scenery, that was moved around quickly and smoothly.

A delightful evening’s entertainment.”

This review was written by Jacqui Hartley a local National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) representive

Watch out for Just for Laughs from November 1-3.

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