Halifax Piece Hall visitors are divided over Blanket art

New sculpture, The Blanket, at the Piece Hall.
New sculpture, The Blanket, at the Piece Hall.

Eagle-eyed visitors to the Piece Hall may have noticed a red metal structure covering part of its piazza.

This is a sculpture called 'The Blanket' designed by David Murphy, which will be unveiled on January 25.

The bold design was chosen to represent the 18th century former cloth hall's rich history in textiles and will be on display until the start of April.

The piece, commissioned in partnership with Wakefield's Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) and co-funded by the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant programme, is created out of intertwining steel tubes making up a 'picnic blanket' shape.

Meet the Sculptor behind the design.
We asked Piece Hall visitors for their thoughts on the artwork before the launch next week.

Michael Smith, from Huddersfield, said: "I quite like it actually. If it wasn’t called blanket you wouldn’t know. It’s really interesting. I’m used to seeing things like that in the Sculpture Park. I think all art in public spaces is good."

Anna Siertsema, a student from Amsterdam, said: "It represents the area the best because of the structure and raw material but the waves, the curves of the wool."

Anita Child, from Halifax, said: "I think it could be better if kids could go on it. I don’t think that’s my favourite work of art but the idea of putting up a work of art is a good idea."

Visitor Sue Whitehead thought the money could be better spent. She said: "I don’t really like these modern type sculptures that have to be explained to me because that to me doesn’t look anything like a blanket."

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